Welcome to Cadieux Funeral Home

Whether it is for funeral arrangements, cremation or burial, the professionals at Cadieux Funeral Home will work with you to plan a personalized service, a unique tribute to your loved one. Our advisers take care of everything, with the utmost respect for your wishes, beliefs and convictions.

Welcome to Cadieux Funeral Home

We understand that it is not always possible to pay tribute in person, and hope that this little homage to your loved one will help. You can search for your loved one by consulting the list of obituaries here:

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We are very proud to take care of families by offering wonderful and lasting tributes to loved ones.

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Simple, grandiose, original, uplifting or traditional. There are many ways to celebrate and pay tribute.

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Take advantage of a wide range of useful and practical resources to help you grieve.

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Whether you are prearranging your funeral, or if you need to make immediate funeral arrangements for a loved one, we can help you make an informed decision to create a customized and personalized funeral service.

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