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Each part of a funeral ritual is very personal. Some people prefer to be buried, others choose cremation. No matter what families choose, they all receive the same level of respect and professionalism. At Cadieux Tubman, we not only advise you at the beginning of your journey but we also help you design meaningful funerals. We then offer you several support resources. Please let us help you grieve while guiding and advising you during this healing process.

One of the resources we put at your disposal is our own crematorium. This means that we can take care of your loved one throughout the funeral rite. We are able to incinerate seven days a week to better meet your needs

Through all the actions we take, we believe that it is essential to create a funeral service that reflects the deceased. In addition to the many customization options for funeral services, there are many ways to personalize cremation, whether by choosing a casket or a funeral urn, objects or souvenir jewellery.

No matter what type of funeral you plan, we can help you create a more unique experience for your loved one.