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Funeral care

How will we commemorate your loved one?

There are so many practical details to settle, but the most important thing is to meet with a Cadieux Tubman funeral director to discuss your emotional needs and those of your family. We will guide and advise you to meet these needs. The choices you make at this stage can affect you emotionally and psychologically. The staff at Cadieux Tubman are experts in grief counselling and are there to help you and your family make the best choices.

No two people are the same, and every family is different. As such, there is no reason why funerals should be identical. Your understanding and knowledge of your loved one’s interests, passions and hobbies, as well as their relationship with you, will help you create a funeral that will honour them in a memorable way.

There are many ways to personalize a funeral service so that it reflects your loved one. Here are some suggestions to consider when planning a funeral:

  • Create a column in the guest book to allow people to share a memory after signing their name.
  • Exhibit personal items or items associated with the deceased’s hobby on a table at the funeral home, funeral service or reception.
  • Ask several people to give a eulogy at the service.
  • Ask several people to share their memories and talk about different aspects of the deceased.
  • Choose clothing for the casket that reflects the life, interests and passions of the deceased. Clothing does not have to be formal or severe.
  • Create a custom program for the service. You can include photos, poems, anecdotes—whatever you want. Your funeral director can help you choose.
  • Present a video or slides about the person’s life at the funeral. Pictures are worth a thousand words.
  • Ask the children to write a letter or draw a picture for the deceased. Their farewells can then be placed in the casket or urn.
  • Choose flowers that the deceased loved. A simple bouquet of freshly cut lilac, for example, could be perfect.
  • At the funeral, invite people to write down a memory of the deceased. Have someone collect and read the comments aloud.
  • Create a funeral that captures the deceased’s personality. If they were silly, do not be afraid to use humour. If they were affectionate, ask people to stand up and hug their neighbour during the ceremony.
  • Post pictures of the deceased at the funeral home, funeral service or reception. In fact, a montage of photos can have a healing effect for the family in the days leading up to the funeral.
  • Play music, especially if the deceased or your family liked it. You can play music not only during the funeral service, but also at the funeral home, burial and reception.

The following details must also be ironed out:

  • Do you prefer a burial or cremation?
  • How would you like to receive guests during visitation?
  • Do you prefer an urn, a coffin, or a vault?
  • What commemorative items do you want?
  • What kind of funeral service do you want?
  • What kind of burial, cremation do you want and where will the place of eternal rest be?
  • Will there be a reception following the funeral?
  • How do you want to inform relatives and friends?

Please call us to make an appointment to discuss your funeral options.